Grooming and Bathing

We have our own separate department for grooming of dogs and cats. The staff who work in this department are trained to clip and groom dogs and cats of different breeds and to different owner expectations.

Grooming Gallery

Grooming For Dogs And Cats

We do recommend all animals with long or thick coats are clipped during our warm and hot months from September to April and some of these animals also need to be clipped during our mild winter months.

All animals who are booked in for a clip are also hydrobathed while they are in our care.

Some cats do need to be chemically restrained (tranquillised or given an general anaesthetic) so that they can be groomed and we do have the facilities and the staff to administer this restraint if necessary.

Hydobathing 5 Days A Week

Part of our grooming department includes hydrobathing of dogs. We offer this service to all dog owners and we encourage owners to get their dog hydrobathed at least once every month.

The hydrobath maximises the cleansing of the skin and removes built up debris that accumulates over time, blocking the hair follicles and stops the skin from “breathing”.

We do not use detergent shampoos – we use a special surfactant shampoo and conditioner to make sure that only harmful grease and oils are removed from the skin and that the skin and hair are then covered with protective “good oils” to minimise any damage from our subtropical environment.

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What You Need to Know About Your Pets Appointment

We ask that you please make an appointment prior to seeing us so that we can ensure your waiting time is minimised. Of course, if you have an emergency you can bring your pet straight in.


Be Prepared

Ask the receptionist what you should bring. A poop sample? Pee sample?


Bringing In Your Pet

Cats should be placed in a secure cat cage. Dogs should always be placed on a lead before entering the clinic.


What To Ask

Write down a list of questions before you go in to make sure you find out everything you need to know.

First time to Bargara Vet for me today with my little puppy Cypress. Was seen by and treated by Claire. Excellent service by all staff involved. I was given a cuppa while waiting. Everybody was friendly and helpful. Thanks Anne and Cypress

Anne Shepherd

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