Our Staff at Bargara Vet Surgery

Our wonderful team at Bargara Veterinary Surgery provides you with professional veterinary care with a warm and caring touch.

Meet Our Veterinarians

The veterinary team at Bargara Vet Surgery has a comprehensive knowledge spanning all facets of veterinary science. With some 80 years’ experience in small and large animal work along with the development of areas of special interest, we can offer a complete and caring service to you and your animals. So, come and meet us and find out who we are.

Dr David Challen

We use the latest in blood testing equipment, powerful x-rays, fibre optics etc to make a diagnosis and we use the latest information in the treatment of animals.

Dr Randall Keyes


I prefer to look upon all small animals as companion animals as I feel these animals fulfil an important role in our daily lives and are well worth considering as being part of every family.


Meet Our Nurses

The nurses and support staff at Bargara Vet Surgery are devoted to a superior quality of veterinary care and always ensure that your precious animal friends are taken care of in the best possible manner.



I have a keen interest in nursing critically ill patients and enjoy seeing them making a full recovery.




I have been nursing for over 10 years and have a keen interest in surgery and nursing critically ill patients.




Nurse Amanda has been working with us as a Veterinary Nurse for over 4 years.


Meet Our Support Staff



As practice manager I look forward to the new challenges this brings for me and learning all about things great and small.




As receptionist I love all the four-legged friends I meet in our hospital and enjoys developing friendships with their owners.


We are Animal Health Professionals Striving for Excellence

Animal Health Professionals Striving for Excellence

8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Same Day Appointments are Available.

20 Bauer St, Bargara QLD 4670