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The veterinary services at Bargara Veterinary Surgery are the most complete of any Vet practice in the area. From preventative care, to emergency surgery, the team provides the best veterinary services for your pet.

Our Services

Pet Vaccination

We recommend the C5 pet vaccination for dogs. This vaccination contains the antigens against Parvovirus, Distemper virus, Canine Hepatitis virus, Parainfluenza virus and Bordetella bacteria. We recommend the F4 pet vaccination for cats. This vaccination contains the antigens against Feline Enteritis (Parvo), Calicivirus, Feline Rhinotracheitis and Chlamydia. All pet vaccinations include a written report from the veterinarian. For vaccination litter prices contact us.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm is an insidious problem in the Bundaberg and surrounding areas. There are huge numbers of dogs – both wild and domestic – that have an active heartworm infection. Therefore the reservoir of heartworm is high and the chances of spread are also very high.

It is therefore very important that all dogs are given preventative methods to stop them getting this deadly parasite.


Desexing is the term used to describe surgery that removes the reproductive organs from an animal. In the case of the male it involves removing the testicles (castration) and in the female it involves removing the ovaries and both horns of the uterus (spay).

We normally talk about “desexing” dogs and cats. Most responsible owners do get their animal desexed at a young age before the animal starts to breed. Most cases the operation is done around the 6 month old mark before the animal enters into the phase called puberty.

Health Screenings For All Animals

Using our in-house laboratory, our equipment (ultrasound, ECG, X-ray unit) and using our very experienced veterinarians and animal health professional staff we can test and monitor the health of animals. As the animal develops during the first year of life so problems can be detected and solutions can be found to maximise the health of the developing adult.

The Senior Pet

As the animal enters its more senior years other aspects become very important to maintain good health and to minimise the visits to the vet. The following aspects should be addressed on a regular basis – internal organ function (liver, kidney, anaemia, calcium level, immune system, diabetes, jaundice, thyroid function), dental hygiene and health, intestinal worms, vaccinations, excess weight, arthritis and spinal problems, skin problems, heart problems, nutrition and cancers.

Dental Assessments And Dentistry For Small Animals

This is an area of special interest in our surgery. We have designated months of the year when we actively encourage owners of animals to present oral challenged animals to our hospital for dental care at lower prices.

The owner of the hospital is a member of the Australian Veterinary Dental Association and he has team of nurses and highly trained oral hygienists to attend to any dental or oral problem.

Exotic Pet And Reptile Medicine

There are a number of owners who own exotic pets such as guinea pigs, rats, mice, rabbits, pocket pets and reptiles who also need veterinary attention. We have a number of staff who have interest in these animals and we offer our services to any owner who has one of these pet


We encourage all owners to microchip their animal no matter what age the animal is. Sometimes we are presented with a damaged animal that has found on the road and unless we can identify the owner and get their permission we cannot instigate any treatment for that animal.

Microchipping is fast, simple and for life.

Surgery And Anaesthetics

Our nurses are highly trained in surgical procedures and our veterinarians have extensive experience in a wide range of surgical procedures.

We use a full range of gowns, caps, masks and gloves for our surgery cases. Each patient is monitored using breathing monitors, heart monitors and blood gas analyzers. All instruments are autoclaved before use to minimise any contamination.

Medical Care

We offer a full range of medical care to our patients in times of need. This medical care ranges from normal consultations on skin problem through to full internal consultations on sick and injured animals. Our veterinarians are very experienced and our nursing staff are well trained and very caring.

We have access to some of the latest in equipment and our staff are always undergoing external training to maximise their knowledge.

After Hours Emergency Service

Clients can access our “after hours” service by ringing 07 4153 1399, then listening and following the directions given to access the veterinarian on duty. We do have extra charges for any animal attended to after hours and we only attend animals that we consider to be emergencies.

For emergency work ring 07 4153 1399 and follow the directions given.

Animal Behaviour Examination And Advice

We have two veterinarians who have an interest in animal behaviour and we encourage owners who have problems with the behaviour of their animal to make an appointment and discuss the problem with one of our trained veterinarians.

One of our veterinarians has a very special interest in this field and has spent some time undergoing external education to maximise his knowledge in this area so that he can not only offer advice but can also prescribe medication if appropriate to the problem.

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What You Need to Know About Your Pets Appointment

We ask that you please make an appointment prior to seeing us so that we can ensure your waiting time is minimised. Of course, if you have an emergency you can bring your pet straight in.


Be Prepared

Ask the receptionist what you should bring. A poop sample? Pee sample?


Bringing In Your Pet

Cats should be placed in a secure cat cage. Dogs should always be placed on a lead before entering the clinic.


What To Ask

Write down a list of questions before you go in to make sure you find out everything you need to know.

First time to Bargara Vet for me today with my little puppy Cypress. Was seen by and treated by Claire. Excellent service by all staff involved. I was given a cuppa while waiting. Everybody was friendly and helpful. Thanks Anne and Cypress

Anne Shepherd

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